Bounce A Lot Official Trailer HD


Game & Watch Fire Classic Take it to the next level.

16 Neo Retro-Evolving Stages.

Each stage evolves with new features and animations. So are you able to get unlock them all?

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5 Delicious Powerups You Should Taste.

Cup Savers, Still Alive, Double Trouble, Slow Motion and Sucking Machine (No, these are different than the ones shown on the internet videos). You can make your own strategy to finish the stage. Just Use the combination of powerups you like.

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5 Different Wacky Bouncing Characters.

You will meet 5 Bouncing Characters across the game, each one will bounce on different ways and some of them gives you items, so the gameplay will get more complex each stage you finish.

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Rescue the tooth and get an extra life. Getting 200 points in a game awards you with a tooth. Rescue the tooth and you will get an extra life. If you are full of lives you will get 30 points.

  • The best soundtrack you've ever heard: 17 Frenetic Songs.
  • Challenging Gameplay: Earn coins to get the best powerups.
  • Incremental Difficult: Easy to play, quite hard to dominate.
  • WTF a BOSS? You have got to be kidding me...


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